Monday, 16 May 2016


I've neglected this blog for a long time. Oh dear...

If you're still reading, thank you and enjoy this video!!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

That's It! I am going to start JUICING again!

Holy cow!! Or should I say Holy Fruits and Veg!

These women have PHENOMENAL bodies and they're above 45 even 50 years old!

Take inspiration from this and start eating a raw vegan diet!

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Why am I braless? For health reasons that's why!!

Share this with your friends, family any one you know who wears a bra!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Braless Cyclist

There really isn't any need for women to cycle with a bra. There's less impact than running and it is great to let them wobble and jiggle.

I love cycling braless and it feels a lot more comfortable.

I don't get the back pain that I normally suffer with when wearing a sports bra, and yes even they give me pain because it's just unnatural to have breasts in any kind of sling!

Let them be free and embrace it :D

Much love,

Jennifer xx

Friday, 1 January 2016


Have a fantastic Year!!

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Life Path Number 22

I was directed to this website to find out my life path number and this is what it says based on my birth date...

You were born under the most powerful and potentially the most successful of all Life Path numbers.

It offers you the extremes of life's possibilities: on one hand, you have the potential to be the Master Builder, the person capable of perceiving something great in the archetypal world and manifesting it in the relative world; on the other hand, you can slip into the depths of obscurity, achieving little more than personal support.

Your power is delicate. It exists by virtue of your ideals and vision, which you must use to inspire others to join you in your dream. Only by marshalling collective forces are you able to bring together the necessary elements - people, ideas, resources - that will enable you to realize your goals. 

You Are Understanding

Consequently, your Life Path is one requiring dramatic evolution. By being able to integrate seemingly conflicting characteristics within yourself - your inspiring vision and your natural tendency toward practicality, for example - you develop the talent to deal effectively with a great variety of people. This allows you to understand and unite many differing people toward a single goal, melding them into a concerted whole. Your task in life is to unite the dream with the bottom line. In short, you are the visionary with your feet on the ground. 

You Understand Limitations

You are good at business and politics. You naturally understand large institutions, and have the ability to think and act on an international scale. You are gifted with uncommonly sound common sense. You are able to see the beauty and potential in a given idea, but also the practical methods that will bring it to fruition. Somehow, you understand the limitations of ideas - - what will work and what will not. This is an intuitive gift that can evaluate possibilities on the basis of their practicality.

You Strive To Accomplish

While in many aspects the 22 is the most promising number, it is also the most difficult to live up to. You have a great ambition, which can be a most difficult master, driving you to accomplish all that you are capable of. You are a steady partner in any relationship. You offer sound advice and consistent emotional support. You do not suffer from flights of fancy, and naturally resist the emotional heights. You are unconventional in thought and action, but tend to be traditional in appearance. You avoid airs and pretension.

Accept The Bigger Picture

Your challenge is to share your vision and allow others to make their personal contributions. That requires flexibility on your part, perhaps your weakest characteristic. You often lack faith in the ability of others. Therefore, you tend to control people and situations, sometimes tempted to manipulate. In the end, you must learn to surrender to the larger cause that you serve. The final result may be quite different from your original vision, but with faith and commitment you will make an enduring impact on the world.

Learn Balance

You are romantic, but your love is more impersonal. You tend to be focused on your dreams. When you are not in harmony with your true nature, you can fall to moodiness, or become aloof, and withdrawn. You can become timid, uncertain, and ungrateful, putting the blame for your troubles on others or the world. You have a gift for examining your life objectively, and at some distance. Be honest with yourself. By openly facing your shortcomings, as well as your strengths, you develop equilibrium. You are thus able to love and better understand yourself and all of life.

My life over the last few years has demonstrated a lot of this information to me and I believe I am meant for great things.

If you are inspired to collaborate with me in anyway get in touch and we can talk about some potential life changing possibilities!


Jennifer xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

So I have a friend who has discovered the beauty of speaking her truth. This is amazing and she is transforming all the time.

My truth is that I feel like a traveller. I'm am explorer. An adventurer. I think the years of habit have made me more comfortable sat watching TV or playing on the PC. 

When I actually get on my bicycle after the initial grumpy thoughts of "I cant be arsed" I absolutely love what I see and how I feel. Until I force myself to do it, I am quite happy sitting on my arse but I don't feel enriched.

I have a business in the health and wellness industry and whilst I can do this anywhere in the world right now I feel inclined to stay in Liverpool. 

Liverpool is a special place to me as it's where I grew up. The people are diverse and even though we get bad press it's one of the friendliest places I've lived.

I think part of my problem is I often get carried away dreaming about what I don't have than appreciating what I do have. Am I just trying to run away again?

These are the times I find meditation valuable. When decisions are difficult and my mind is consumed by a thousand thoughts it's best to find peace in this present moment through meditation.

On that note I'm going to breathe and focus on being present right here right now.

Are you a traveller? Do you get distracted? How do you refocus?

I am interested in your story xx